10 Best Morocco Beaches

10 Best Morocco Beaches For A Laidback Vacation In Morocco !

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What if someday you woke up feeling the need to explore some beaches on a land that has mountains all around? Well, don’t worry, because we've got you covered! The enthralling and stunningly captivating vibes of Morocco make it a unique holiday spot for all kinds of travelers across the world. Be it the spices, the delightful delicacies, the pristine beaches, or the reviving majestic Atlas Mountains, this land has something in store for everyone.

So, sit back, relax, and take a look at these Morocco beaches, which will add more charm to your amazing journey in this African country!

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10 Best Morocco Beaches

While you’re planning a visit to the soothing yet thrilling country of Morocco, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the country’s best sunbathing beaches! Scroll down to take your pick.

1. Las Cuevas Beach

Reaching this charming beach of Las Cuevas near the old town of Asilah gets all the more exciting when you get to pick your own favorite vehicle. That’s right! Go ahead and have a cart or horse, if you wish! Though the route to the beach is a bit sandy, you’ll enjoy the ride and especially the view from this beach when the pristine turquoise waves come splashing across the shore. What’s more, with abundant dining options lined up for you, savoring some of the local delicacies at the cafes near the shore becomes a delightful experience after a good swim!

2. Sidi Kaouki

A less crowded beach will perhaps be successful in adding more calm to your vacation, especially if you’re looking for some. Sidi Kaouki beach is known to be relatively wild and has several plants and sand dunes around, making it the perfect kind of shelter away from the crowd. Its close proximity to Berber villages is also one of the reasons why you’ll be able to experience the traditional and simple ways of living in Africa. You can choose to surf or swim in the cool waters and dine at the authentic cafes here!

3. Agadir Beach

A beach famous for having multiple activities on board, Agadir Beach is located close to the magnificent Atlas Mountains and Atlantic Ocean, creating the perfect space for you. Kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, and surfing are some of the things you can enjoy at this beach. One can surely find a good crowd here, but visiting during the off-season might get you lucky too! Due to the rolling sands coming from the Sahara, the soft deposits of sand on this beach make it perfect to relax and chill with your folks.

4. Martil Beach

One of the most perfect beaches of all time is Martil Beach, which is preferred by most tourists traveling to this scenic land. Soaking in the Mediterranean Sea vibes, you can have a nice walk amid the soft, subtle sands of this beach. If you’re a golf person or wish to try some golfing while you’re at this beach, you can visit the nearby Cabo Negro, which has amazing golf courses. A soothing town like Martil has a higher pace during the off-season, and you’ll find yourself getting along with it too!

5. Ain Diab

A city beach in Casablanca, Ain Diab, is mostly known to be occupied by rich folks who wish to spend a few hours soaking in the sun away from their tight schedules. You’ll find all kinds of people here, from couples to families to single friends hanging out together. An ideal time to visit this beach is either during the week or around the time of early mornings on the weekend since it will be quieter and hence more peaceful at that time. With not much to do around, you can have a lovely walk at this beach with your pals!

6. Taghazout

Closer to the region of Agadir, this fishing village of Taghazout is a laid-back town with its own unique pace. If you don’t know how to surf, there are plenty of schools in this town that will offer good lessons for you to learn and practice at this beach. The increasing number of guesthouses and restaurants around this beach is a significant indicator of how the government wishes to develop the town for tourism purposes. But until that time, you can enjoy a quiet time at this beach by renting an umbrella and soaking up more sun!

7. Dragon Beach

Situated in the region of the Dakhla Peninsula of Africa near the western part of the Sahara, the Dragon Beach in Morocco looks straight out of a fairytale, with waters as clear as a crystal and pure white sand dunes lined up at the shore. This tiny island lies comfortably in the middle of a soothing lagoon that many water-sports enthusiasts and beach lovers will find mesmerizing! You can choose to take a swim or just sit back and have a beer at one of the beach bars here, watching the birds dive in and out of the water.

8. Oualidia Lagoon

One of the lesser-known Moroccan beaches near Marrakech that is not yet famous among international travelers is this hidden paradise, Oualidia Lagoon. You can spot the colorful boats of the local fishermen dotted along the coast of the lagoon, and certain red cliffs provide shelter from the Atlantic. The place is filled with tour guides who will make you experience the true vibes of this place on these boats, and when you come back, you can even relish the fisherman’s catch of the day in one of the town’s restaurants.

9. Essaouira Beach

Earlier known as a hippy trail around the 1960s and now a major port city, Essaouira makes a remarkable impression on visitors with an elegant beachfront. Even to this day, this place attracts many kinds of hippie travelers from all over the world because of the chilled-out vibe that this place has been carrying for generations. You can choose from the various restaurants available near the beach after a fun session of windsurfing. After all, who would possibly miss out on a fun encounter with the winds at the ‘Windy City of Africa’?

10. Legzira Beach

Not only is this place a sight to behold due to its natural rock formations, but the Legzira beach in Morocco is known to have some splendid sunset views—ones that you haven’t witnessed in any part of the world, making the red hues of the cliffs visible to the naked eye. This is why a number of selfies have captured this sight as a spectacular backdrop. Even though one of the large sandstone formations extending from the cliffs collapsed around 2016 due to many years of gradual erosion, this place continues to be one of the best beaches in Morocco to date!

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches in Morocco

Can you drink in Morocco?

Drinking in public is prohibited in Morocco, but the pubs, bars, and restaurants located in the country serve alcohol.

What ocean is Morocco in?

Morocco is a country located in North Africa, near the Atlantic Ocean.

What can you not bring to Morocco?

Alcohol, drugs, and inappropriate clothes are not allowed in Morocco.

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