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Casablanca is the greatest city in Morocco, situated on the Atlantic Ocean, and was modeled on the city of Marseilles by the French in the 1920s. It is the resource of the region of Greater Casablanca and the major source of financial funding; it is also the main naval base.

It is, nonetheless, not the management or political funding of the nation. Casablanca Stad It is located in the heart of the Maroc Utile, which is one of the most productive areas of Morocco and a major source of mineral riches. It is among the busiest ports in the Maghreb.

There has been quick advancement since the times of the French protectorate, and it has actually expanded much bigger than Marseilles. It feels like any other European city, and before you go to Morocco, straightforwardly don't envision anything. It would be a fantastic site to browse through for you.

Must see in Casablanca

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Hassan II Mosque

Visit Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Ancienne Medina

Visit Ancienne Medina

Ancienne Medina

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Church Of The Sacred Heart

Visit Church Of The Sacred Heart

Church Of The Sacred Heart

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Royal Palace

Visit Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Ain Diab

Visit Ain Diab

Ain Diab

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Morocco Mall

Visit Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Place Mohammed V

Visit Place Mohammed V

Place Mohammed V

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Tamaris Aquaparc

Visit Tamaris Aquaparc

Tamaris Aquaparc

Historique Monument

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Visit Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Historique Monument


The Berbers were the first inhabitants of the city in the 10th century BC. It was a significant fort for the Phoenicians as well as the Romans. Casablanca, in Spanish, implies a white home. It had the disrepute of being a safe harbor for pirates as well as privateers, which led to its devastation by the Portuguese in 1468. In 1580, it was taken over by Spain, until it was later made a part of Portugal in 1640. Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah, grandson of Moulay Ismail, was the one who rebuilt it in 1756–1790. Back then, it was called ad-Dar al Bayda (the white house in Arabic) as well as Casa Blanca in Spanish. Below, let's start with how the city expanded with the development of the fabric industry in Britain. Casablanca came to be a major merchant of wool for the market, importing the well-known nationwide beverage gunpowder tea.

1907 saw the French trying to construct a light train near the port and passing through a graveyard. The French troops were called in to restore order, and they ultimately took control of the city. By 1910, French emigration had been formalized. What to do?

The new community created by the French engineer Henri Prost is the best part of Casablanca as well as Morocco. There are a number of former administrative buildings and modern-day resorts worth looking into. You can see a mix of Hispano-Mauresque and art-deco styles below.

The Hassan II Mosque, developed by the French engineer Michel Pinseau, is magnificent. Situated on a promontory looking out at the Atlantic, it has space for 25,000 worshippers. You may also go to the Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur, which is on the side of the park. It showcases the Mauresque style splendidly. The Jewish Museum is likewise an essential landmark below and is also the only one available in the Muslim world. The tiny beach near Ain Diab is a good one and also attracts a lot of visitors with the selection of beach clubs that are open right here.

Holiday accommodation

There are a number of hotels, and being an essential city, most are complete. There are deluxe resorts along with smaller ones as well. You might likewise locate homes or studios for lodging, as well as discover suites, which can make your visit even more exciting. There are numerous conventional fish and shellfish joints, as well as restaurants. There is even an ice cream shop with the name "Stella" that has 30 different flavors to offer. If you intend to have some drinks after that, the hotel bars may be your best bet.

If you intend to see Casablanca, make reservations well beforehand. The city is intriguing and also provides a large range of things to see and do. Amuse yourself with the lively settings for the best vacation in Casablanca.