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Chefchaouen Sightseeing


Chefchaouen is recognized as one of the calmest and safest areas in Morocco. Snuggled in the Rif Mountains, the city brings in all sorts of travelers. Let us take a look at what it is that draws everyone to this city.

Chefchaouen is a lovely city in northeastern Morocco. It is the main city of the district with the exact same name. It was founded by Moorish expatriates from Spain in 1492 and also lies near the Rif Hills. It is an unwinding city with inexpensive holiday accommodations.

The finest component would be the appearance of the city, with a lot of the structures painted a fantastic sky blue. The clear hilllight that falls on the city gives it an enchanting touch. The simple community and the stunning medina, with a superb backdrop of the Rif Hills, make it absolutely spectacular.

It is understood that the largest manufacturer of cannabis as well as a couple of tourists do come for this reason, but it is not the main reason to visit the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.

Must see in Chefchaouen

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About the city

It is a little citadel town that was formerly utilized by Chefchaouen to combat the Portuguese entering Morocco. Chefchaouen is likewise referred to as Chaouen by the Moroccans and derives its name from the towering mountain tops that overlook the town and also look like the two horns of a goat.

The telephone call to petition that rings out from the mosques around the town is a very blissful experience. It is close to Tangier and the Spanish boundary. You can find many of the homes tinted great skies blue, as it comes from the custom begun by the previous Jewish population. He was beat in 1926 by the Spanish troops and imprisoned in the Kasbah. Spain ruled over the city for thirty years, after which it was turned over to Morocco.

Neighborhood Market

The city is recognized for the selection of items made in your area. You might find a variety of hand-made crafts that would certainly not be found in other places in Morocco. It is a prominent purchasing location for Moroccans and visitors alike.

You can find a range of woven blankets as well as woolen garments in such vivid shades that you would really love to acquire a few. The city is additionally recognized for the outstanding goat cheese available below. You can also acquire rugs, leatherware, flavors, steelware, etc.

. You may also have your own natural leather handbag or other items made by the natural leather artisans in the market.

It has gained a sick reputation for the manufacturing of a number of illegal medicines. It is a significant manufacturer of cannabis, hashish, and marijuana. What to do

The medina is the major attraction for many, and it feels outstanding to walk through the community with whitewashed wall surfaces. You would additionally find it extremely intriguing to visit the waterfall to the east of the medina.

You can find lots of local homeowners around here who are available to talk, cool off, and do their laundry. You can capture a quick journey to the ruins of an old mosque that stands on a hill behind the waterfall.

Hiking to the beautiful Rif Mountains is a must and is also visited often by backpackers. You would certainly find the hike up Jebel al-Kalaa exhausting. But for those who love journeys, this 9-hour round trip can be fun.

Consume, sleep, and also consume.

The local specialty is the baissara. You would also like the staple tajines (veggie stew with goat as well as sheep) as well as fish tagras. You can visit Granada or Chez Chouen, which supply you with wonderful fish and also shrimp tajine, which have a more Spanish flavor than the Moroccan one but are truly fantastic. You could also locate mint tea anywhere, and it can be really nice.

Alcohol, though, is not conveniently offered. For accommodation, there are numerous alternatives, and the most significant thrill is during the months of July as well as September. There are also cheap resorts available, and you can also find it interesting to use some hotels that provide roof terraces (which are popular with backpackers).

You can prepare your journey well beforehand as well as delight in the safest and also one of the most stunning cities with its serene settings for a couple of days prior to continuing to various other beautiful cities like Tangier, Fez, and Marrakech.