Climate of Morocco

There is a season for everyone

There is a season for everyone

A friendly nation like Morocco needs to have pleasant climate conditions too. Whether you like the sunlight or singing in the rain, Morocco has a season for everybody.

Morocco is situated in the northeastern part of Africa. It is a varied and really magnificent country with its own identity, even though it is located so near Europe. There are not simply different languages, customs, and cultures, but also varied landscapes. It is home to unique cities like Fez and Marrakech, along with coastal villages.

The country of Morocco has such a wide variety of landscapes that you have the snow-peaked parts of the Atlas hills, the arid land of the Western Sahara, along with the stunning Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.

In the interior components of the nation, the temperature levels are extra extreme. The months of April and May can be the finest times to check out the country. If you check out the seaside area throughout July and August, you may find it really satisfying. The temperature and climate differ with the terrain. In the desert region in the south as well as the south-eastern part of Morocco, the temperature is high, while in the hills, it varies and can be freezing during the night. In the Atlas Mountains, the temperature level can go below zero degrees, and you will find the hilltops snow-topped throughout the year. While the winters are rough and cool, you will find the summers reasonably warm. On the western slopes of the Central and High Atlas, the rains and snow are in substantial amounts from November to April. Throughout December and March, you can also enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding.

In cities like Marrakech, it is sunny and bright all year. The summertime really feels pleasurable, and the most popular months are normally July, August, and September with temperatures over 36 °C. There is no humidity at all, which makes these heat waves manageable. In the winter, there can be a hefty rainstorm that leaves the night incredibly chilly.

In cities like Fez, which has a continental climate, the temperature levels are severe. The best time of the year to check out Fez would be definitely the spring as well as the autumn, when the weather conditions are cozy as well as completely dry.