Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan starters and main dishes

Moroccan starters and main dishes

Distinguished for its delectable and numerous meals, Morocco was categorized 2nd in the 2017 ranking of the best gourmet's international destinations, according to the British blog site Worldsim Traveling. The kingdom provides its visitors with a phenomenal cooking experience. Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, and Rabat are among the most tempting culinary locations. Greater than 15 Moroccan dining establishments are among the 1000 finest restaurants worldwide, according to "La Liste. Appreciate the very best Moroccan culinary thrills Morocco has to offer you: mint tea, Tajine, couscous, or pastilla are awaiting you!

Moroccan starters and main dishes

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Moroccan starters

Normally offered at the start of dishes, Moroccan beginners are presented as an enhancement to main dishes. They vary from one area to an additional, however generally consist of a Moroccan salad of either raw or prepared veggies, Briouates packed with poultry or minced meat, a ratatouille of tomatoes and peppers - the supposed Tektouta - and the well-known Zaâlouk which is an eggplant puree. Each recipe has a special seasoning, and draws out its own flavour as well as colour.

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Among one of the most desired meals in Morocco is Tajine. With a really specific food preparation technique and multiple variations, this dish continues to delight the most requiring premiums! Food such as fish, poultry, meat, veggies, and sometimes apricots, plums as well as nuts, are steamed with a bit of seasonings that boosts its flavour.

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A common Moroccan soup understood for its nourishing formula which is composed of a subtle mix in between pulses, tomatoes, pasta as well as flour. It's traditionnally eaten throughout the month of Ramadan, as well as it's offered in many restaurants.

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Offered in all dining establishments and also residences, this super flexible as well as convivial meal is traditionnally eaton on Fridays. Depending on the region, it's either offered with meat, veggies, fish or chicken, and often sugary foods.

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, Pastilla


Offered in smoke bread form, the pastilla is either loaded with fish, poultry, pigeon, or with almond. This finger licking pastry is light as well as subtle perfectly created sweet and also savoury fans.

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Steming from Turkish society, Mechoui is a standard means of preparing a whole lam or sheep surrounded in a clay stove.

Morocco Sightseeing, Visite Morocco, R’fissa


Additionally referred to as "Trid", the R'fissa comes from Casablanca. It is just one of the deep-seated traditions of Moroccan meals. This meal is made with Moroccan half-cracked pancakes or msemmens, chicken with onion broth, coriander, ras el hanout, lentils and also fenugreek. It's soaked in flavour and also magnificently fragrant with flavors.

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Commonly prepared with lamb or veal in a terracotta container, Tanjia is the staple recipe of Marrakech. Long hours are necessary for its food preparation, which is done in the neighborhood oven. The so tender and also flavoursome meat is delights one of the most critical premiums.

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Bread is the major staple of Morocco, that is primarily served with all standard main courses. White bread, wholemeal bread, sourdough bread, there are for all the tastes.

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Being the second staple of Morocco, Chebakia is the most prominent as well as most favorite cake in the nation. It is offered with Moroccan soup or as a side-dish to tea, as well as is traditionnally prepared in the spiritual month of Ramadan.

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Gazelle horns

It's difficult to discuss Moroccan pastries without mentionning the well-known" Gazelle horns ". Made of smashed almonds flawlessly covered in a thin paste with a smell of orange blossom. It is the excellent side-dish to a thirst-quenching eco-friendly mint tea.

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These delights top of the list of all pastries that are steming from Maghreb and oriental cuisine. In own, you’ll find ones in pastries, but also in small shops in the medinas. Made from almonds and semolina, they are often sprinkled with sesame seeds for added flavour.